The Long Beach Grunions are proud to host another SPMS Short Course Meters Championship in Southern California. We are excited to welcome you. Scroll down to see an overview of the event information along with helpful links to get you all signed up for the fun.


Campus Map and Parking Information

This map shows where you can park on the Long Beach City College Campus and where the pool is located. Please note that parking costs $5 per day and can be paid at one of the kiosks on the parking lot.

Parking Diagram

Long Beach City College Aquatic Center
3990 Faculty Ave #3940
Long Beach


The Long Beach City College Aquatic Center is a 65 meter outdoor, heated pool in Long Beach. The facility includes a movable bulkhead, with warmup lanes, locker rooms, and shower facilities.

There is lots of deck space and a covered gallery viewing area with bench seating.


Campus Parking and Pool Directions - $5/day at kiosk

Long Beach Exchange
4069 N Lakewood Blvd
Long Beach

Nearby Dining and Entertainment

The Long Beach Exchange (LBX) and Hanger are only a 12 minute walk from the pool. The complex encompasses approximately 266,000 square feet of stores, shops and restaurants on more than 26 acres

More Information

Courtyard Marriott
3841 N Lakewood Blvd
Long Beach
(562) 429-5803
Rate $179

Host Hotel

The Courtyard Marriott is a 14 minute walk from the pool. Price includes $14/day parking and free shuttle from and to the Long Beach Airport. Free wi-fi and business center.

More Information & Reservations

Competition Schedule

Friday, December 2, 2022
Warm-up 7:00 am, Meet starts at 8:00 am
Check in for 1500 m Freestyle closes at 7:30 am

  1. Mixed 1500 m Freestyle
  2. Women’s 200 m Individual Medley
  3. Men’s 200 m Individual Medley
  4. Women’s 100 m Freestyle
  5. Men’s 100 m Freestyle
  6. Women’s 200 m Breaststroke
  7. Men’s 200 m Breaststroke
  8. Women's 800 m Freestyle Relay*
  9. Men's 800 m Freestyle Relay*
  10. Mixed 800 m Freestyle Relay*

Saturday, December 3, 2022
Warm-up at 7:00 am, Meet starts at 8:00 am
Check in for the 400 m Freestyle closes at 7:30 am

  1. Women’s 400 m Freestyle
  2. Men’s 400 m Freestyle
  3. Women’s 50 m Butterfly
  4. Men’s 50 m Butterfly
  5. Women's 400 m Freestyle Relay*
  6. Men's 400 m Freestyle Relay*
  7. Mixed 400 m Freestyle Relay*
  8. Women’s 100 m Backstroke
  9. Men’s 100 m Backstroke
  10. Women’s 100 m Breaststroke
  11. Men’s 100 m Breaststroke
  12. Women’s 200 m Butterfly
  13. Men’s 200 m Butterfly
  14. Women's 200 m Medley Relay*
  15. Men's 200 m Medley Relay*
  16. Mixed 200 m Medley Relay*
  17. Women’s 50 m Freestyle
  18. Men’s 50 m Freestyle
  19. Mixed 400 m Individual Medley

Sunday, December 4, 2022
Warm-up at 7:00 am, Meet starts at 8:00 am
Check in for the 800 m Freestyle closes at 7:30 am

  1. Mixed 800 m Freestyle
  2. Women’s 100 m Butterfly
  3. Men’s 100 m Butterfly
  4. Women’s 50 m Backstroke
  5. Men’s 50 m Backstroke
  6. Women's 400 m Medley Relay*
  7. Men's 400 m Medley Relay*
  8. Mixed 400 m Medley Relay*
  9. Women’s 200 m Freestyle
  10. Men’s 200 m Freestyle
  11. Women’s 50 m Breaststroke
  12. Men’s 50 m Breaststroke
  13. Women’s 100 m Individual Medley
  14. Men’s 100 m Individual Medley
  15. Women’s 200 m Backstroke
  16. Men’s 200 m Backstroke
  17. Women's 200 m Freestyle Relay*
  18. Men's 200 m Freestyle Relay*
  19. Mixed 200 m Freestyle Relay*

*Swimmers may only swim one relay type (men, women or mixed) for the following events: 800m Freestyle Relay, 400m Freestyle Relay, 200m Medley Relay, 400m Medley Relay, 200m Freestyle Relay.

*Any change of swimmers after the event is closed must keep the relay in the same age group or the relay will be disqualified.

Meet Registration

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